Terms and Conditions

Blood Empire

Address: Le Pessey - 74420 Habère-Lullin - FRANCE
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 0033 789 864 782
Company number (SIRET): 
813 219 805 00013


Terms for customers

Delivery and costs

Delivery shall be effected as quickly as possible (generally 24h).
Delivery shall be subject to the availability of the goods ordered.
You can follow the delivery evolution in your account (on the Blood Empire's website).

In case of lateness from Blood Empire, you'll be informed and you'll can cancel your order if you don't want to wait.
In case of lateness from the Post, Blood Empire can't be blamed.

The cost depends of the size of your package, and of your country. It'll be written on your virtual cart, before validating order.


Conditions of payment

The following payment methods are available: Paypal, bank transfer, or cheque.
The payment by Paypal costs 1€ for the customer.
The payment by bank transfer is free, or payable by the customer (if the bank adds fees for internation transfer).
The payment by cheque is free.
No order will be sent before the receipt of the payment



If you want to cancel your order, you can send us back your package in his original wrapping, in a delay of 14 days. You may add a letter (or an e-mail) to inform us about the revocation. Blood Empire will pay you off the entire sum of your order.
The forwarding charges stay payable by you.
If Blood Empire is responsible for this revocation (wrong item sent, etc.), the forwarding charges will be payable by us.


Damage in transit

The following provisions shall apply to business entities:

If upon receipt of delivery, the customer detects damage to the packaging, it shall ask the forwarder to confirm the damage in writing upon acceptance of delivery. Complaints shall not be accepted without the confirmation of the forwader. Blood Empire can't be blamed for the errors of The Post.



Terms for sellers (bands, or private individual who sells second-hands)

The products will be sold on this website and on our various stands (in Metal festivals, concerts, pubs, etc.). Blood Empire pay his sellers at each sale.
The price is fixed by the seller, but can be refused by Blood Empire.
At any moment, if the seller want to get back his products, Blood Empire will send him (and will pay the delivery).

All the shipments will be payed by Blood Empire.

Payments will be done by bank transfer, Paypal, cheque, or cash (as the seller prefers).